This group is for those who enjoy singing in a choir in three and four part harmony. Four or five songs of various styles are introduced each term from folk, popular, jazz and classical arrangements. We welcome new and continuing Sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Basses.

Weird instruments (hand made or bought) make up this bush band. We are a small but enthusiastic group. Love to have different created sounds, percussion etc. What sounds great for this style is Kazoo, mouth organ, wobble board or Didgeridoo, gumleaf or comb player, spoons, bottles or similar. Male singers or whistlers are required as well. We look forward to another year filled with fun.

This course is for those with a  knowledge of basic chords and who like to belt out a song. Three books are required to be purchased, covering a wide and diverse genre. It is aimed at leaving each session with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

This course is to teach basic guitar skills so that you can play and sing along to popular songs. You will learn to tune the instrument, how to play popular chords and strum along to accompany singing, how to follow a chord chart and how to look after the instrument. No previous experience necessary.

There is no formal teaching in this class. Several different members will take you through mastering chords, finger picking, basic music and singing theory. Good acoustic guitar and music stand required.

Must be able to play all Open Chords and Barre Chords. This is an advanced class where we play and sing in a band setting, with drums and bass guitar accompanying us. We enjoy playing and singing a variety of genres of music including Rock & Roll (60’s to 90’s), Folk, Country and some Jazz songs.

We are not a professional group of singers. We require people like you who would like to join a friendly and jovial group to do some singing and enjoy the social morning. If it’s a variety of songs you would like to sing, then this is for you and everyone is welcome.

Singing for Fun is just that. A class of friendly folk gather to sing a wide range of songs, just for the love of it. New challenging songs added from time to time. You’re welcome to join us.

A cosy, friendly fun group, sitting around the piano – as we did growing up – singing beloved melodies from 1880 through to 1980.

A class for those who have completed the beginner’s class but are not ready for the advanced class yet.

A class for students who can play and want to continue having fun playing the ukulele.