This group is for those who enjoy singing in a choir in three and four part harmony. Four or five songs of various styles are introduced each term. Welcoming Sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Basses.

The focus is on Aussie songs and stories. This group enjoys making many weird and wonderful sounds to the different tunes with a variety of bush style instruments and percussion. Love to have a fiddler, tin whistle/recorder player. If you can whistle a tune, sing a song, play an instrument, or even just join in with something you have made, then come along and give it a go. A basic understanding of music is helpful, but not necessary. You are welcome to climb aboard the wagon and enjoy the many challenges. Vacancies available.

Must be able to play all Open Chords and Barre Chords. This is an advanced class where we play and sing in a band setting, with drums and bass guitar accompanying us. We enjoy playing and singing a variety of genres of music including Rock & Roll (60s to 90s), Folk, Country and some Jazz songs.

We are not a professional group of singers. We require people like you who would like to join a friendly and jovial group to do some singing and enjoy the social morning. If it’s a variety of songs you would like to sing, then this is for you.  Everyone is welcome.

A cosy friendly and fun group, sitting around the piano – as we did growing up.
Singing beloved songs from 1880 through 1980.
New Music Lovers Welcome.  Vacancies for Term 4.

A cosy, friendly fun group, sitting around the piano – as we did growing up – singing beloved melodies from 1880 through to 1980.

If you like to sing with a friendly group of people for the sheer joy of it, then come join us. We tackle a wide range of songs and have a few laughs as well.
A small number of vacancies exist for new members.

A class for students who can play and want to continue having fun playing the ukulele.

A beginner’s course for those who want to have fun playing the ukulele.

A class for those who have completed the beginners class but are not yet ready for the advanced class.