Lecture / Discussion

We will meet on the first Monday of the month. There are many new Australian writers. We will focus on one book per month. The books are available through the Toowoomba Library or members may wish to purchase their own copies.

Our enthusiastic group of 15 read and discuss books of a variety of genres. Class sets of books with discussion notes and questions are hired from the College of Adult Education in Melbourne. Cost: $87 – $124.  No vacancies at present.

We will continue our exploration of women in the Christian churches from early times to the present, focussing on their gifts and vocations and how they attempted to express these. We will particularly follow the struggle for women’s ordination. We will also look at how feminists have viewed the church, its hierarchy and doctrines and its attitudes towards women. No vacancies at present.

Unrestricted, generally worldly, current events, with the weekly plan to keep member’s selected topics moving so that all participate.

Start the week with a little brain awakening. Come and join the interactive round table discussion group on Monday mornings. There is no set agenda, members bring various topics of interest to them. Any topic can bring a very lively discussion, or not!  All that is asked is that you bring with you – tolerance. Topics can be varied. New members can join anytime during the terms, as there is no curriculum.