Interested in learning the language that has more native speakers than any other in the world, with nearly a billion users? This fascinating language originated in northern China and is the official language in that country as well as one of the four official languages of Singapore. It is also recognised as one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

This course aims to develop basic skills in understanding and communicating in French by introducing a range of basic vocabulary, grammar and sentence patterns. A supportive and interactive approach is used to encourage the development of conversational skills and a gradual increase in the active use of French during class time. The course is suitable for both new and for continuing participants.

Members of this relaxed class need to have average skills in speaking and listening in French. The class is conducted in French. All members contribute to improving and encouraging one another. Many interesting topics are discussed in French. No vacancies at present.

Two vacancies available.

Participants require a sound knowledge and understanding of basic French vocabulary and grammar (2-3 years). Theme based texts, written in French, provide activities for the ongoing development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and includes grammatical exercises and cultural information. Participants will also have opportunities to practise their conversational skills in a collaborative and supportive environment.

The course is best suited to participants who have as a minimum Year 12 level German language skills. The program uses a variety of course materials, supplemented by authentic texts including songs as well as information on current affairs. Emphasis is placed on the development of reading and listening skills. Please discuss with tutor before enrolling.

Ongoing study of Italian language (reading, writing and speaking) in a non-threatening setting. The first half-hour is for grammar revision.

Introduction to reading, writing, listening, speaking and understanding this beautiful romance language. The course includes grammar, conjugation of verbs, tenses and pronunciation. Suitable for first timers and those who have completed an introductory course previously. Please bring writing materials, notebook and be prepared to purchase a dictionary and/or Collins Easy Learning Italian Grammar.

If anyone has some Spanish knowledge and wants to improve their ability to speak this wonderful language, please let me know, as there are a few vacancies.

Do you have a basic knowledge of this beautiful Romance language or are you a complete beginner with Spanish? Then come to this fun and enjoyable class, where we will focus on speaking, listening to, writing and reading Spanish, as well as learning about the culture of Spain and Latin America.

This course is suitable for complete beginners and participants who are in the beginner level and is delivered by a native Japanese speaker. In this course, we will focus on basic skills, such as the pronunciation, the basic grammar and the basic vocabulary, in understanding and communicating in Japanese. We will also talk about Japanese culture with a different topic (food, lifestyle, tradition, travel, history, etc.) each week.