Sail through the stormy seas of the Indian and Pacific Oceans with the first European seafarers to reach Australian waters from the 17th to 19th Centuries. Was Captain Bligh of “The Bounty” mentally unstable? Why did the “Batavia” flounder on the Abrolhos Reefs off the coast of Western Australia? What eventually happened to the HMS “Endeavour”? Find out these answers and many more Australian maritime tales told from an historian’s point of view

Some vacancies for Term 4, Part 2 starts in the year 1901 and will finish in 2022.

In past classes, in bringing our history & its “exceptionalism” alive one of the great benefits which have generated the most interest is the participants who are direct descendants of notable First Australians who have contributed in many ways to our history. Examples are a direct descendant from the 1st fleet convicts, a direct descendant of a member of the NSW Corp, a direct descendant of Governor Bligh and a family
member who made a world-first invention. And what a story each of these participants had to tell.
Therefore to vary and improve the course content, increase the classes’ knowledge of our descendants and bring our history to life through personal historical records, I am asking if anyone in the U3A community has any proven direct descendants, or knows of someone who has and would like to share that with my class and/or have their history included in my course material. I would be most happy to try and accommodate
them, as part of the review I conduct every six months on improving the course material.

This course will look at the history of Indigenous Australians pre Captain Cook to The present. Tutorials will be presented in various formats. Questionnaires, DVDs, notes, movies and guest speakers.

A series of sixteen lectures covering Aust. worstbushrangers from 1796 to 1903. The lectures will
include some of the Indigenous freedom fighters, Multuggerah, Jandemarra and Musquito, the Time
Team dig at Glenrowan, Thunderbolt and Harry Redford (Robbery Under Arms).

In recess this term.

We are a discussion and self-help group with a passion for Family History. New resources found by members are shared along with our ‘brick walls’.

This group is not for the beginner.

We are beginning a new topic. Part One deals with a modern interpretation of the miracles and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth as recorded in the four gospels. Two places available. Bible and notes provided.

This will feature the period from the last Tsar (Nicholas II) to the early years of Vladimir Putin, the current President (ie from 1894-2004). The last years of the Romanov dynasty will be surveyed, and why this dynasty ended, with the Communists under Lenin coming to power in 1917, and later dictators such as Stalin, World War II, and the leadership that followed from Khrushchev onwards to the rise of Putin. Socio-economic and various other aspects of the history will also be surveyed. (PowerPoint, DVD and Notes.

An exploration of the over 2000 year development of the Spanish ethos. How history moulded the social, political and economic character of 21st Century Spain.
Basques, Celts, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Christian, Visigoths, Moors, Reconquista, Inquisition, Jews, Colonialism, Enlightenment, Republicanism, Socialism, Civil War and perhaps now Constitutional Monarchy.

In recess this term.

Our group is passionate about writing and researching our family stories. Each week ideas are given for you to write a story which is then read in class. We have a wonderful time discussing our stories.