Health - Mind & Body

Mindful Living is an eight-week program to practice mindfulness in everyday life. Awareness of the present moment enhances gratitude, acceptance, and helps to quieten mental chattering. Practising being in the here-and-now, as well as some formal meditation, assists with understanding and managing anxiety, depression and overthinking. New students are prioritised each term. It’s a small group and former students are welcome if there is availability. Effectiveness depends on the willingness and ability to practice between sessions.

The modern diet is not just killing us, but robbing us of years of vitality as well. What has gone so wrong? Do you want to regain your health, vitality and waistline with practical & useful, evident-based information? Join us to learn what has gone so wrong with the modern diet and how we can get back to eating nourishing food while losing those excess pounds consistently, without feeling hungry. YES! Really! It’s easier than you think when you have the right information and work WITH your body and not AGAINST it. Even Type 2 diabetes can be reversed in many cases.

Whether you are experiencing “senior moments” or would simply like to boost your memory and cognitive ability, this course will be of interest. We will watch a series of 12 interviews with world’s leading experts at the cutting edge of discoveries in brain health. They will present us with ideas and evidence on how to maintain our brains, or, in some cases even reverse damage. Topics will include new discoveries about the brain, exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress, mental stimulation, hormones and social connections. After watching each video we will allow approximately half an hour for discussion.

Silent meditation as a life skill. Brief readings on Silent Meditation, Practice with sitting and walking meditation, sharing and discussion of Practice. Common benefits include increased calmness and contentment, improved concentration, focus on the present moment and changes in self-understanding. New learners and those with experience welcome.