Health - Mind & Body

An 8-week program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Mindfulness and meditation for everyday life. Previous and new participants welcome. Limited numbers.

Terms: 2 & 4

Whether you are experiencing “senior moments” or would simply like to boost your memory and cognitive ability, this course will be of interest. We will watch a series of 12 interviews with world-leading experts at the cutting edge of  discoveries in brain health. They will present us with ideas and evidence on how to maintain our brains, or, in some cases even reverse damage. Topics will include new discoveries about the brain, exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress, mental stimulation, hormones and social connections. After watching each video we will allow some time for discussion.

An enjoyable morning of cards. If you are new to the game of 500, we will teach
you, otherwise enjoy playing with very experienced players. New members welcome.