Health - Mind & Body

Life expectancy in Australia continues to increase but so does the incidence of chronic diseases, especially of the cardiovascular and nervous systems (brain). Resuming after a break in 2022, this course covers very recent research into the role of diet and lifestyle on our increasing longevity. The course is descriptive; videos are used, and an email summary of each session is provided.

Weight loss as a lifestyle change. Working with our bodies to regain optimal health and reduce body fat. The evidence is in: Our modern way of eating is not just making us fat it is making us sick too. Let’s get back to basics and learn to work with our bodies to lose fat permanently, feel great again and enjoy eating tasty food. Little tweaks do make a real difference.

Whether you are experiencing “senior moments” or would simply like to boost your memory and cognitive ability, this course will be of interest. We will watch a series of 12 interviews with world’s leading experts at the cutting edge of discoveries in brain health. They will present us with ideas and evidence on how to maintain our brains, or, in some   cases even reverse damage. Topics will include new discoveries about the brain, exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress, mental stimulation, hormones and social connections. After watching each video we will allow approximately half an hour for discussion.

Silent meditation as a life skill. Brief readings on Silent Meditation, Practice with sitting and walking meditation, sharing and discussion of Practice. Common benefits include increased calmness and contentment, improved concentration, focus on the present moment and changes in self-understanding. New learners and those with experience welcome.