Bridge is the most interesting card game. It is made up of bidding and playing and both of these aspects are challenging. It is this challenge that has players coming back for more and more. You can learn Bridge at the Toowoomba Bridge Club. The classes will teach bidding, declarer play and defence. Teaching will be conducted by one of our experienced teachers. Players will be able to move into other sessions held at the club as their experience and skills grow.

Canasta is a card game played with 2, 3, 4 or 6 players. If you are new to the game we will teach you, otherwise enjoy playing with very experienced players.

For four to six players. Learn to play this challenging game of strategy and teamwork. Experienced players welcome. Some knowledge of Canasta would be helpful.

An enjoyable morning of cards. If you are new to the game of 500, we will teach you, otherwise enjoy playing with very experienced players. New members welcome.

Learn Mahjong in a friendly relaxed environment.  This class is suitable for beginner to intermediate level. Please bring your own set of tiles if you have one.

Mahjong is an Ancient Chinese game played for fun and friendship. New members welcome, as well as members wanting to learn.

Games of Mahjong stimulate the brain as well as being fun and making new friends. We do not score. New players will be coached. Experienced and new players welcome. It is not necessary to have your own set of tiles.

Join us for a fun game with words. New members are welcome. No experience is necessary. Tuition provided if required.