Expressions of Interest For 2024

The history of Indigenous people of Australia, with DVD’s, Guest Speakers and printed handouts relating to historical events.

This course aims to better understand our various island nations in the Pacific. Papua New Guinea, various island groups, Easter Island. Those who have expressed interest during current classes PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR INTEREST.

Ukraine/Russia war, the background to this present-day conflict. Also survey the Communist capture & domination of this part of Europe from 1945 until the fall of Communist regimes from 1989.

You need these! This course focuses on making your text, note, letter, a joy to read. It’s a practical course – come and see!

Beginners: How to start, where to get information, how to record it, family tree websites, basic DNA research & more.
Intermediate: Some prior knowledge required (as per the beginners course), desktop software for Family Tree, Google search for Family History, recording DNA matches, in-depth research methods & more.

Based loosely on Murray & Frijters book “Rigged”, this course seeks to explain how “the rich get far richer while the poor get even poorer”. No – its not just the way things are, it’s a deliberate strategy and there are remedies. Come and see for yourself.

The course will investigate the origins of western philosophic thought while defining what constitutes a philosophic question. Investigations will follow into the life & times of the great thinkers & the relevance of their contributions to ‘the now’.

An in-depth look at the lives of British men, women & children living in India during the last, turbulent 100 years of British Rule (The RAJ) from the 1850’s to Independence from Britain in 1947.

Discussion of Australia’s involvement in this war between 1965-73 and the anti-war protest movement.
Those who have expressed interest during current classes PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR INTEREST.