Expressions of Interest For 2023

String quartet for rusty violin or cello players. I play viola, Duets are another alternative, maximum four people.

Tatting is lace making using a shuttle and thread. You will learn to make rings and chains, and techniques to broaden the range of possible decorative objects. Also learn how to follow diagrams and instructions to complete the designs.

The real diet for humans, Paleo has evolved for over a million years but largely abandoned in recent times. Points for discussion would be: the various kinds of Paleo diet, eg. Basic meat, fish, egg, green vegetables, pescatarian, carnivore, low carb and others. As well, grass-fed meat & eggs. Omega 3/6 ratio, resistant starch and much more on diet content. Individual members experiences (eg, weight loss, health improvement, chronic disease) would also be covered.

For four to six players. Learn to play this challenging game of strategy and teamwork. Experienced players welcome.

Introduction to the joy of history and laughter in verse. Share – Read – Write or Listen