Circle Dancing is a blend of folk and meditative dance. We dance to music from many countries, celebrating the seasons, nature, the earth, the diversity of different cultures etc. We enjoy the movement of dance. Great for the body, mind and spirit.  No vacancies at present.
Dancing for fun, exercise, and enjoyment. Beneficial for mind and body. No partner required. A reasonable level of fitness is required. Morning progresses from Beginners through to Intermediate and Advanced levels.

We dance a variety of dances each term from 300 years ago to dances devised in recent times. 

This year we will be starting our last 3 terms when school starts.
        • Term 2 : 20 Apr to 22 Jun – that is 10 weeks
        • Term 3 : 13 Jul to 14 Sep – that is 10 weeks
        • Term 4 : 5 Oct to 30 Nov – that is 9 weeks

This course would not suit Beginners. This session offers two hours of dancing to recorded music and the opportunity to socialise and make new friends. Dances are varied and include Pride of Erin, Gypsy Tap, Evening 3 Step, Merrilyn, Carousel etc. Our emphasis is on practising those dances most popular at a variety of venues throughout the Toowoomba region.

You MUST have a partner and you will also need to have had previous Old Time dancing experience or be a capable “self-learner” as we do not teach but do offer guidance. Enquiries are most welcome – there are no vacancies at present.