Computer / Technology

Android (NOT Apple) smart phones have touch screens and are similar to Android tablets in the way they may be used. Commonly, you will use them as a phone, and to store contacts, do emails, read books, play games, take photos and for driving navigation and playing music and video clips.

Don’t get left behind with technology. If you have an iPad, learn to use it!

This is a course designed especially with Seniors’ needs in mind. Having a recent iPad is important. All topics involve “easy, simple, quick” approach. Special advantages of an iPad, key functions especially helpful to Seniors, and learning how to maintain and troubleshoot your iPad are key. Examining Apps assisting Seniors enjoying retirement, and techniques in keeping your personal data safer underpin this course.

“Easy, simple, quick”…our approach to learning about an iPhone based on the needs of Seniors. The basic functions of the iPhone, relevant Apps, gestures, skills important for older people, iPhone maintenance and troubleshooting and safe use, are all part of this course. Keeping safe in the challenging phone environment, and an emphasis on minimising your exposure to your data being used by others, are paramount. The course invites and supports you to learn new, better and quicker ways to use your iPhone.

This forum allows users of computers and related devices, with some experience, to share their knowledge of software, hardware, and sources of information. Bring your own laptop or devices to develop skills interactively. WiFi connection available.

This course is for people who have had some experience with Windows and Microsoft 365. Bring your own Windows laptop. The aim is to extend your use of Windows and the Microsoft 365 suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive). There may be a loaner laptop available.