The course will investigate the origins of western philosophic thought while defining what constitutes a philosophic question. Investigations will follow into the life and times of the great thinkers and the relevance of their contributions to ‘the now’. Philosophic concepts will be introduced where appropriate. Issues inviting comment and open group discussion will be introduced during the course with no prior knowledge of the subject assumed. If time permits, the contributions of eastern philosophic traditions will be introduced for discussion.

Maths can be enjoyable! This course will make you feel more confident in Maths, explain how it works, realise the real world applications. Enjoy the company of like minded people.

Rediscover the joy of Mathematics. With an emphasis on real life applications, those mathematical skills and concepts that may have been forgotten are reviewed and applied. Some new mathematical topics and associated principles not previously encountered are also featured.


This course explores evidence from around the world indicating that Earth has been visited by advanced extra-terrestrial beings both today and throughout history. We will explore modern day sightings of UFOs and stories of encounters with extra-terrestrials. We will also explore significant evidence that our planet’s ancient civilisations were aided and influenced by extra-terrestrial visitors.  Almost every past civilisation has stories of visitors from the heavens, who came and taught them culture, agriculture, animal husbandry, astronomy and the construction of buildings and cities.  The influence of these visitations has shaped religious beliefs and cultures.  Other areas that we will explore include unexplained mysteries, ancient civilisations, religion, spirituality, life, consciousness and reality. Course delivery is by formal presentation and group discussion. This course is restarting from the beginning in 2024.

This course is a companion to the Extra-Terrestrial Contact Past & Present course held on Friday afternoons. It will be based on similar subject matter to the Friday class. Unlike the Friday class, however, the new Tuesday class will not have a tightly structured presentation format following a defined subject path. It will follow the needs and interests of the class members. Members will nominate topics (in advance) that they would like to cover and they and other class members will be invited to contribute by way of presentations (formal or informal), stories and discussion points. There will also be videos to watch with plenty of time allocated to discussion of the video content matter. The tutor will act as co-ordinator and facilitator for these activities, but it will be the class members who will drive the course and subject matter.

Based loosely on Murray & Frijters book “Rigged”, this course seeks to explain how ‘the rich get far richer while the poor get even poorer!’ It will have an historic as well as an economic component. No-it’s not ‘just the way things are’, it’s a deliberate strategy and there are remedies. Come and see for yourself.

As the title indicates, this course aims to better understand our various island nations in the Pacific. Starting with our near neighbours Papua New Guinea & extending through the various island groups, we finally reach Easter Island with its strange stone statues. In essence, a survey of the Pacific’s ethnic peoples of the Melanesians, the Polynesians & the Micronesians.

In this class, specific plays are studied and discussed. As well, where possible, we view different productions of the plays. Discussion is both lively and insightful. Whether you are familiar with the works of Shakespeare or merely recognise his name, you should enjoy this class and learn how relevant his words are in today’s world.

2024 Plays: Terms 1 & 2 Hamlet; Terms 3 & 4 The Merchant of Venice.

First week of each Term: ‘Wild rocks – Pet rocks’. Then a course in Mineralogy leading to Petrology.