A half year course for those who enjoy doing crosswords but do not understand cryptic clues. Come along and learn strategies in a happy environment. No previous experience required

A 2-term course for those who have completed CRYPTIC CROSSWORDS – BEGINNERS this year or
in previous years, or those who can solve simple cryptics but would like to improve their skills.

This is a class suited to those who have a working knowledge of cryptic crosswords. We solve cryptics both individually and in discussion with other class members. It is an informal and friendly group.

An informal group meeting for lunch once per month. Various venues. No vacancies.

A group meeting for lunch. No vacancies at this time.

Enjoy lunch and social interaction at various restaurants, cafes, pubs and clubs.
Occasional vacancies occur.

Terms 2 & 3
Various guest presenters will talk each week on a different garden subject, for example: Roses; Australian Natives; Soil Preparation.

Every month we go to a movie and have lunch afterwards as an optional extra…
(we go every month and don’t stop during holidays).

I teach my easy method, which takes the puzzle out of Sudoku. Limited to 6 participants.

Members meet at various restaurants in and around Toowoomba for a social gathering whilst enjoying good company.

Gathering in a small group to enjoy food and social interaction.

Come and enjoy every corner of the world as we share our travel experiences and photos.