We are a self-help group with varying levels of experience who enjoy botanical drawing and painting. PLEASE NOTE – some experience in botanical art is necessary as there is no teacher.

More advanced drawing group and a continuing course. No vacancies at present.

Discover your hidden talents. This is a continuing course; no vacancies at present.

Students will explore the potential of oil paint using a range of techniques and subject matter.
Suitable for beginners to intermediate.

The members in our group are free to choose any medium to work with – pencil, oil, watercolour, acrylic etc. If a member has a problem there is usually someone in the group who can help them out. No vacancies at this time.

An introduction to the basic skills of pastel drawing and on-going tutoring to help students develop their own styles.
Limited vacancies in Term 1.

A class for beginners, or further advanced, to study different aspects of art such as composition and colour. Learn from one another and develop in the Wonders of Watercolour.